Voices of VNEOC

Voices of VNEOC

Led by Jordan Rich, each podcast will feature an array of stories about homeless veterans who have worked hard to take control of their lives through various programs offered at Veterans Northeast Outreach Center (VNEOC). Read more about the series here.


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Veteran Services Officers – A Community Resource for all Veterans

The functions of a Veteran Service Officer are to deliver essential services to the veterans and dependents residing within their municipality.  The VSOs provide outreach services by providing referrals and assistance to veterans and their dependents regarding available benefits and services including G.I. Bill benefits, education assistance, home purchases, tax exemptions, pensions, reemployment rights, civil service, burials and hospitalizations, and adjudication of claims against the government.

The VSO is a critical resource to veterans of all ages and their dependents.  Many veterans have not registered with their local VSO simply because they don’t think they need anything or are entitled to any benefits, but that is far from the truth!  Registering with the local VSO provides valuable information about the veteran population within the municipality and can help in finding opportunities for veterans to offer peer support for other veterans, and getting involved in community veteran activities – flag planting ceremonies, etc.

Here are 3 VSOs who are committed to serving their brothers and sisters in arms to ensure that every veteran has an advocate that has their best interests at heart!



Many non-profit organizations receive grants to support a majority of the programs they offer. However, grants do not fulfill all of the needs for people these organizations serve. Donations, which have no restrictions as to the programs and services they can support, are the “life-blood” of these organizations. Veterans Northeast Outreach Center is no different.

The donor community is the biggest part of our long-term success. Funds that help with food, clothing, housing maintenance, education, transportation – are essential to us being able to help hundreds of Veterans of all ages get back on their feet and take charge of theirs and their family’s future! Please help us during these unprecedented times. You can donate cash, gift certificates for food, gas, clothing, etc., donate time – help with maintaining our buildings (landscaping, electrical work, carpentry, etc.). These are all needed services and can become taxing on VNEOC’s finances. Please know that we are asking your help for those who have given of themselves in support of our Country and our people.

Veteran Suicide 

Veteran Suicide is an on-going battle, not only for the veteran contemplating suicide, but for those left in the aftermath of such an event. This episode of Voices of VNEOC brings together experts in the treatment and resources available to veterans and those around them, who are having thoughts of suicide or are worried about someone they care about maybe considering suicide.

Learn about the resources and strategies that are used to address this critical need. You will hear not only from experts in the field, but also from veterans who have had their own struggle with thoughts of suicide and have come through it to enjoy a better life thanks to their determination, courage to ask for and accept help from those around them and a desire to help others who may have the same struggle.

Just the Basics: Food and Housing for Veterans!


This edition of Veterans Northeast Outreach Center’s “Voices of VNEOC” focuses on the services provided by VNEOC and partners. With the quarantine from COVID still very much on the forefront, food insecurity and housing are critical areas we address.

From our partnership with the Accidental Food Bank and Mass Military Support Foundation – to our work in finding permanent housing for veterans in need. VNEOC provides complete “wrap-around” high quality professional services to our veteran community.

Additional Broadcasts

On Mic with Jordan Rich

Northeast Division

10 Reed Street
Haverhill, MA 01832
p: (978) 372-3626

MetroWest Division

40 Mechanic Street, Suite 101
Marlboro, MA 01752
p: (508) 460-9993

Salem, NH

224 North Broadway, Unit E1D
Salem, NH 03079
p: (603) 824-3678

The Cape & Islands

274 Stevens Street                                                              Hyannis, MA 02601
p: (508) 488-8347


Veterans Crisis Line: 1-800-273-8255
MA Dept of Veterans Services S.A.V.E. Team: 1-888-844-2838
Homeless Veteran Hotline: 1-888-866-2838