At this uncertain time, we all receive more “asks” for donations than ever before. Looking around you can certainly understand why that is the case. Many organizations are unable to provide the support they have in the past to the local non-profit communities because their own businesses haven’t been opened or if they are, their business has been significantly curtailed. Many individuals may have been furloughed or even laid off as a result of the pandemic. State and federal programs have seen their funds needing to be spread out over a wider set of needs, or have been significantly cut or worse case, both.

Most of us don’t realize that it is the community that supports the community non-profit organizations on a local basis. This directs much of the local support for non-profits right back into the community itself, multiplying the impact that the local donation can create. Helping organizations meet their community-based missions – housing, food, financial assistance, job training, counseling, advocacy, etc. are all critically important programs that exist to help the community stay healthy and viable.

At Veterans Northeast Outreach Center, we rely on the local community – businesses and individuals – that understand and support our mission – to help us provide the highest quality professional services to the men and women (and in many cases, their families) that have served in our country’s military. They are our neighbors, they work in our community, they shop in our businesses – they are part of our community!

Keep in mind that donating locally has many benefits:

  • You know how your money is being used
  • More of your investment is going directly to providing needed services
  • Community organizations employ community residents
  • You know who you are working with
  • Even a small contribution can make a big difference to your neighbor
  • You can easily visit a local organization to see what they do with your donation

We are asking for your help us help the veterans of your community!