What is your name, job title and how long you have worked at VNOC?
Rachel Hagen, LCSW- TIP Program Manager, and I started here on January 6 of this year.

What do you do in your role at VNOC?
I oversee case management, compliance with grant and VA, daily operations.

What made you want to work here?
I hold a special place in my heart for veterans. I have many family members who have served in the Army, Navy, and Air Force. Veterans served our country and it’s an honor for me to serve them.

What has surprised you about your job or VNOC?
What has surprised me about working at VNOC is the equal opportunity to both share my expertise and learn from others. I feel truly valued as a team member even though I am not a veteran myself. I think this speaks volumes of the organizations commitment to excellence in service by having a multidisciplinary team.

Are there any misconceptions about your program or what you do that you would like to dispel?
The most common misconception about TIP is that it is a homeless shelter. TIP is the “finish line” of achieving stability and permanent housing. VNOC offers many programs for all stages in achieving a veterans goals. If a veteran applicant is not quite ready for the “finish line” then I re- refer to another program that can support them where they currently are at.