Independence Day is a National Holiday, a day of celebration no matter your race, religion or background. The 4th of July is an opportunity to show your love for your Country and appreciation for your freedom. The Red, White and Blue Bunting and Flags will be displayed everywhere as we salute all that we have achieved as we look forward to all that we can accomplish together as a Nation.

Recently, I was asked what the Red, White and Blue VNOC Emblem represented. First and foremost, the primary colors of our logo are a direct correlation to our National Flag that all our Veterans so proudly served under. The logo is in the shape of a ā€œVā€ as it is the Veterans to whom we so proudly serve. The Red stripe symbolize the Honor, Courage and sacrifice made by all our Military Veterans and White made more stainlessly pure by the motives that impel them. The stars taking on the appearance of changing from White to Blue reflect the struggle and challenges our Veterans face as they make the transition from Military service to Civilian life. To me, this is the most significant part of our logo because that transition back to Civilian life is not easy for any Veteran.

The challenges and struggles are many and vary from one Veteran to the next. With the support of our Partners and Donors, the Professional Case Managers at VNOC are trained to identify and address any and all barriers that confront our local Veterans. So, rest assured that any time you see the VNOC emblem you are in the presence of a dedicated VNOC Sponsor or one of our Professional Veteran Service Providers.

Have a Happy and Safe Independence Day.

Ed “Chief” Mitchell, Executive Director