As the Executive Director, I have been blessed with a dedicated and professional staff and exceptional community supporters committed to caring for all those who have borne the burden, made the difficult sacrifices and suffered the wounds while serving this great Nation.

It is no accident our main office and welcome center is located at Saint Rita’s Church in Haverhill. Saint Rita has acquired the reputation, together with St. Jude, as a Saint of impossible cases. She is also the patron Saint of sterility, abuse victims, loneliness, marriage difficulties, parenthood, widows, the sick, bodily ills, and wounds.

I would like to personally thank Congresswoman Laurie Trahan and State Representative Linda Dean Campbell and their superb staff for their outstanding support and guidance. Because of their exceptional support and that provided by Secretary Francisco Urena and his dedicated staff at DVS, we at the VNOC have not only been able to maintain our intake and supportive services we have been able to increase these services for our Veterans.

During this time of uncertainty, when our Veterans are relying on us the most, our staff has increased our housing support, our transportation and food services. Our dedicated staff remains in constant contact with our Veterans to ensure all needs are met, including having all our veterans residing in our cognitive living facilities tested for COVID-19. Again, because of the dedicated VNOC staff, keeping all facilities sanitized and accommodating the social distancing, all the tests for COVID-19 were negative.

Thank you to all VNOC employees. Because of your outstanding performance throughout this pandemic our ability to deliver the invaluable supportive services to our military veterans continues uninterrupted. The VNOC remains COVID free thanks to the hard work of all VNOC employees and our partners at DVS, MEMA, VA Medical Centers, Mass Military Support Foundation and the outstanding support of our elected officials.

We at VNOC have also been blessed to have established exceptional comradery with many Community Veterans Service Officer’s, to include, the extremely dedicated Haverhill VSO Amanda Buckley. Under the leadership of Mayor James Fiorentini, VSO Amanda Buckley, and Community Development Director Andrew Hurley have provided outstanding support and resources that enabled the VNOC to continue to improve upon and increase the supportive services we provide to our local veterans.

Amanda Buckley’s service as a veteran advocate has been as exemplary as her service in the Marine Corps. We at the VNOC are extremely saddened to learn that Amanda will be leaving her position as Haverhill VSO. Though we are comforted with the knowledge that no matter where her life’s journey may take her, she will always be a strong advocate for all veterans.

“Fair winds and following seas” to Amanda Buckley and her family.